FRESH 2016-2017

Congratulations to new members of FRESH, Finding Reasons to Exercise Safe Habits.

The purpose of FRESH is to: a) create positive peer pressure (among high school youth) not to use alcohol or other drugs and b) to mentor younger students and help them realize that they can “fit in” and be successful by making healthy choices and by being drug free.  High school aged students are encouraged to apply to FRESH.  As part of the application, students must sign a pledge to themselves, each other, coaches, school, and community regarding their commitment to stay alcohol and drug free. Clear expectations and consequences are outlined in this pledge that they must adhere to throughout the remainder of the year. Their picture is taken in their activity uniform and printed on trading cards.  The trading cards include a statement by the high school student as to why they are drug free.

Throughout the year, students distribute these cards to students at the elementary and middle school level.  The H.S. students meet with the younger students and personally distribute the cards.  At the same time, the H.S. students share with the younger students about their commitment to be drug and alcohol free.

Accountability is incredibly important in this project.  The pledge serves as a deterrent for the youth to remain drug and alcohol free.  This pledge holds the students responsible for their behavior as mentors.